Work for MyWorldConnect & 4FreeAd and get paid weekly through your paypal e-mail account.

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You can login in anytime to see how much you made so far. We pay you through paypal weekly.

If you have any questions at anytime feel free to contact us at:

 Once you register you will see your affiliate banner ads to put on your website. For more ways to make money you will also see your two affiliate links. You can make your own banners, or figure out more ways to make more money with your links.


You can just make some youtube videos explaining how to advertise on MyWorldConnect or 4FreeAd for only a dollar a day and just put your two affiliate links under the videos

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(You don't even need a website)

You make 30% also on all renewals (without doing more work) so if the person that came from your affiliate link or banner renews for 10 months.

You make 10 months commission (without really doing anything). 

Please use this link to become an affiliate

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