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My Racing Career

This is a game of interest to the serious sport manager fans. It’s intelligently constructed to include a lot of the real world racing series in more detail than what we’ve seen before in any online racing management game.

My Racing Career is a free online motorsport manager game where you take the role of a formula racing driver. You will have to take care of driver's employees, his sponsors, training and all other important elements of a real driver career. Your driver will start with the Formula 3 cars, in one of the official series or rookie series and you have to build your driver's reputation to be able to get better contracts for next season and to be promoted to better motorsport series. After first successful steps you will get a chance in more prestigious series like the Formula 2. Beside Formula 3 and Formula 2, you can join the minor Indy Junior series (USA and International) or the major Indy series. For the next season the implementation of Nascar and Formula 1 is planned. The game wants to grow healthy and only implements new series when necessary. So in future your driver will be able to join interesting series like DTM, V8 Super Cars, WTCC or the Porsche Super Cup. Your driver will be also able to help your country to do well in Nations Cup.

What makes My Racing Career so unique, is the fact that you can choose between 50 different series, compete in over 150 different tracks and race against numerous competitors from over 130 different countries. The game is already available in 27 different languages. It also includes a fun 2D simulation of your qualifications and races. Another astonishing implementation is the introduction of private cars. You can buy your driver a private ride and let him race in private tournaments. James Dean style! This creative way of upgrades defines the spirit of the game and clearly separates My Racing Career from its competition.

The key to success is in your long term planning. ?You can really choose your preferred strategy. Do you want to start with a young and intelligent driver and see him evolve or do you prefer a more mature and faster driver to begin with? No strategy seems clearly better than the others yet. This makes this game an interesting challenge to the intelligent player as well as a fun game for the casual or social player.

Getting to know the game is easy with the tutorial showing you the important first steps as a new manager. We’re sure that My Racing Career is going to be the reference in the racing management segment and you now have a chance to be part of it, just by clicking on the following link and quickly creating a new driver. 

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