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This is Rahmat Mokhtar!

It's about at 11.45 pm. Rahmat Mokhtar, 23, calmly wading in darkness towards a bush and remote areas in Sungai Buloh, Selangor.

That night, Journal crew has a chance to see how Rahmat and his colleagues to detect paranormal activity or, more precisely, to hunt ghosts.

Although we already got an experience to go to the haunted places before, it can not hide the feelings of nervousness when we step into the populated hilly region that are packed closely together with hundreds of tombs.

According to Rahmat, the tombs was built specially for the victims of the Chinese people killed in the bloody tragedy of May 13, 1969.

"Some are 100 graves here, including a cemetery owned by the Malays," said Rahmat, who headed the activities that night.

About Rahmat through his blog,, there is something attractive about this young man.

A deep interest in the field of paranormal research led him to Italy.

In fact, Ghost and Parasyhotic graduate student from an educational institute in Italy was also making a visit to the Venice Prison Island, Italy to uncover the mysterious death of the 400 prisoners at the prison.

For Rahmat and his two friends, Mohd. Nasir Mohd. Ruhane, 29, and Mohd. Izwan Shah, 24, of Paranormal Activity Virtual Malaysia (VAMP Malaysia), the ghost track is not foreign matter.

In fact, it is done almost every month in several different locations.

Founded in 2007, VAMP detector community has become active paranormal activity in the Klang Valley.

In fact, it also provides an opportunity for the public to try to find ghosts free experience.

"So far, when we visiting the haunted places, thank God there have not been severely interrupted.

"What is important, set the intention to learn and keep the act as well as conversations during their stay here," said Izwan such as feeling anxious to know which nest in our hearts.

That night, we were accompanied by Arwin John, 20, founder of the Malaysian Paranormal Research is active in making the study of paranoia activities around the state of Perak.

The measures had arranged to pick slowed when the sound recording device in the hands of Arwin noisy, to be sure it is strong enough and high decibel.

Thus, a flashlight, camera video recorder, camera single lens reflex (SLR) and the frequency of electromagnetic fields (EMF) which is immediately routed to the hands that felt there was the existence of paranormal activity.

Camera built in video recordings that are placed on a tripod while the fingers didn't stop pressing the camera button that was stuck in the neck, hoping that they can record any images of weird creatures.

Meanwhile, Arwin was still tightly with the voice recorders and earphones.

"This device can record the sound could not be arrested by the human ear at once able to absorb the sounds bizarre clearly," said Arwin.

Arwin said, should have the basic equipment to detect ghosts is a digital compact cameras, EMF, thermometer, infrared (IR), IR video cameras and digital voice recorder.

He himself has four IR video cameras, two EMF detector, an IR thermometer, four-voice recorder and two sets of motion detectors which are all worth about RM70, 000.

Guess the question why he is willing to invest for the ghost, he said:

"Tracing the ghost took me to an isolated area away from people. To some extent, it gives me peace of mind.

"More than five years studying and getting to know them, I am also more understanding about life after death."

Arwin has a certificate certified by the International Ghost Hunters Society in the United States.

While waiting, Rahmat could talk to us about the strange events that had occurred when he and his friend brought a few fans of the paranormal activity to the tomb.

"Every month, we will go to an active area of ??paranormal activity.

"Also here, we also used to bring them into the largest Chinese tomb in Damansara Heights, the old apartment in Pandan and the site of the former Lady Templer Hospital in Cheras.

"This tomb is among us a common site visit. If there is no group tours, and Nasir I usually will come together and sit here until morning.

"When we brought a group of paranormal enthusiasts a few months ago, our presence might be unwelcome.

"We saw that there is a timber tree about to fall, so we gathered near the area.

"The tree is very high, about 14 feet and when it collapsed, the jarring movement would be strong and sounds great, right?

"But every few minutes, when we go into an area that we see the tree fall, we did not see any effect," the story that claimed his father's Rahmat had married the daughter of goblins.

"Physically we do not see clearly, but from its shape, it may be called ghost pole," between Izwan.

Sharing experiences with Izwan, he had met in the presence of paranormal entities in respect of a cemetery.

"At the entrance to the tomb before, I never came across a white board to fly fast from the direction of this tomb.

"There is also a case, when group tours, we left a girl at the tomb, but was monitored from close range.

"Less than 20 minutes, she was screaming for help. Her face was pale and obviously she was frightened.

"She said, while sitting there, she felt like someone passed around.

"She became more afraid when she felt there was a touch  from her back altough there's no one in sight except for herself.

"From the video, it's true that there was a white shadow approaching," said Izwan.

The most senior member in the group, Nasir was no less experience dealing with mysterious events.

"Community paranormal trackers like VAMP Malaysia and the Malaysian Paranormal Research is not only tracking the paranormal activity, but same things goes to universe.

Energy theft

"We often discuss the development, opening up new places and global warming and its impact on these creatures.

"It is possible that interference occurs because the area they invaded and they must find a new placement.

"The most obvious disruption often experienced by students in some areas it became a home for them before.

"Besides, we also called to identify and help solve some problems related to supernatural interference.

"However, it all depends on the consent of God," said Nasir.

It is not just a statement  or confident with the sixth sense alone, the trackers have an explanation of paranormal activity from the perspective of religion and science.

"Through research and experience, the presence of paranormal activity in one area can be assessed through the detector used.

"EFM will show a red warning signal if the entity is close to us.

"Rationally, paranormal entities have a strong electromagnetic field it is also famous because of its absorbed energy, whether from humans or tools that we brought.

"For example, this evening, a full camera battery is running low, whereas less than 100 photographs were recorded. In normal circumstances, it can hold up to 1,000 pictures.

"The researchers also placed a pile of batteries fully charged in an active and let it yesterday with a video camera and the meter measuring energy.

"The next day, the battery was empty and the video recording, needle meter shows the movement to the right again and again indicates that something is absorbing energy from the battery," said Nasir.


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