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Nov 5th 2011, 9:07 pm
Posted by komai

Documentary Film ~ In this World
A harrowing but important story about the plight of refugees.

In February 2002 in the Shamshatoo Refugee Camp in the North West Frontier Province in Pakistan, there are 53,000 refugees living in sub-human conditions since 1979 with the Soviet Union invasion and 2001 with the USA bombing and invasion of Afghanistan. Jamal and Enayat are cousins. Jamal, the younger of the two, is an orphan; he lives in a refugee camp and spends his days working at a brickworks. Enayat sells electrical goods at his father's market stall. Enayat's family is sending him to England to have a shot at a better quality of life. Thanks to his powers of persuasion and his knowledge of English, Jamal is allowed to accompany his cousin on his journey to Great Britain. After an initial attempt fails, they eventually manage to cross the border from Pakistan into Iran, hidden on buses and lorries. From Teheran they travel through Kurd country on foot and over the mountains into Turkey. Theirs is an old smugglers' route--once part of the Silk Road, it is now used to smuggle car parts, oil, opium and tobacco to the West. The two cousins arrive in Istanbul, where a whole new world opens up before them. Finally Jamal reaches London to start his new life but on 09 August 2002, Jamal has his asylum application refused in London.

As Winterbottom points out, we spent $7.9 billion bombing the Taliban regime. The question remains - how much do we owe those whose lives were ruined as a result?

Stars: Jamal Udin Torabi, Enayatullah

Director: Michael Winterbottom
Writer: Tony Grisoni
Music composed by Dario Marianelli 

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komai It's been 9 year I've searching for this movie and finally this year!T^T
Nov 5th 2011, 10:10 pm

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