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CALM DUDE, JUST EASY GOING! FUN HARD WORKING GUY THAT JUST LOVES A LOT OF MUSIC Born in the heart of Houston’s “South Park, RQ Phillips Jr. was born on August 12,to the proud parents of the Phillips. As time passed his parents notice that their son had a passion for music and they encouraged and motivated him with his gift. While growing up, the home was always filled with music that we all loved; the Isley Brothers, Parliament, Bootsy Collins, Confunkshun and Cameo. The music from these artist blared from the record player on an every day base. As his passion for music became more apparent, at the age of 13 he started to DJ house parties all over the southside of Houston and became popular in the surrounding area. As a DJ, RQ started to pay more attention and listen closely to the elements and instruments in the music field, he then decided he wanted to orchestrate and imitate those sounds. Shortly after, he then went out and bought his first keyboard and other instruments and learned how to play them without the help of an instructor. At this point in his life, he realized he wanted to produce music. Over the next several years, he continued to DJ and explore his new found talents which cultivated into an original and unique sound you now hear in various tracks that he has produced for some of the most popular underground artist of Houston. His production was on the hit album, Crime Boss Still at Large”,and is now producing and mentoring artist on his record lable. To name a few, “Marty Mar the Superstar”, “Sam Sydney”, “Sly Fox”, “Jody”, “Kirby D.”, “Squeeky”,"Flame Da Great","Gripp" "MISTALOON" and the hip-hop duo “Dangerous Smoke”, who can be heard on his first production release on the label, “Confezzd Organization”, Time to Shine. RQ is currently working on his next album,"More Noize" which is soon to be released 3/2014 Objective: Productions, Engineering, Concepts and Track arranger. Qualifications: Producer & Track arranger (I use different and unique sounds, Instruments to compose such as cultivate original and unique sound you now hear in various tracks I produced for some of Houston’s most popular underground artist.) Experience: Playing keyboards to create, Various drum machine making melodies with strings of instruments, engineering and I also have a good “Ear” for mixing. Summary: One gold album (Crimeboss) still at large 16 tks. (Confezzed Organization 17 tks.) Time to shine (Dangerous Smoke) Something to get High Too! 16tks. (Sly Fox) The Story of Sly Fox… (Marty Mar) The Superstar, (J.Strong) Jody, (Kirby D.) She act Like She Know Me!!! Lady (Flame)Da Great
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