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Im am 56 live in New Jersey born and raised in the Garden State USA have blonde highlights with brown hair...have two kids One boy one girl both **s ...have a degree in business management...I believe in god. I believe in total communication and compromising to agreeable terms the satisfy both parties. I have very high values and standard... but I am caring and understanding I try to help everyone...I don't smoke but I do drink occasionally I enjoy spending time with friends and family...I enjoy quality time together wither it be just watching a movie or simply hanging out. I enjoy car races, car shows, movies, playing pool, swimming, playing the wii, listening to music,writing poems, panics ,BBQ's, outings. I like to read, I can sew, knit,and cook...I like some sports Football and hockey. I like boating, horseback riding, bicycling, motor cycles... My mom is Italian and Irish...Father is German french and Swiss... I have a big family but I don't talk to all of them. I am Lutheran but was raised in the Catholic church. I used to go the the Roman catholic scared heart church...my mom is the one that baptized me Lutheran because of all the fighting over religion from different sides of the family...I try to eat healthy but doesn't allows happen. I love the outdoors I grew up on camping, fishing, crabbing, and boating. My favorite movie is gone in sixty seconds, love vampire movies and werewolves. I like comedy, suspense, thrillers, romantic movies to. Both my parent were from NJ. My mom and dad met in competition both my parent were champion roller skaters which we used to do that too. .my favorite song is wind beneath my wings it is the song my father and I danced at my wedding in 91 a year later he died on my sister birthday 9-2-92... both my parents are gone...I feel that words sometimes cause more damage then physical that is why If I can't say something nice to someone I don't say anything at all... I think before reacting. I evaluate my situation prior because action have consequences and I don't do anything that I would not want done to me. I have a heart of gold...When I see someone without a smile I always give them one of mine...I believe you can catch more bees with honey...lol and it takes two to start a fight politics is hard to know who is right and believe it or not but religion can start a fight because of controversy not everyone agree in the same briefs that is what makes us different. i don't take things for granted...I trust in god and believe that he does not give anything people can't handle...sometimes we question why but I know there is a reason for everything even if we disagree. I have always been honest caring loving for my heart can't lie. There are many things about me to learn sometimes I like to be mysterious and can keep a secret but I never willing set out to hurt anyone my secrets are usually just little surprises that I like to show and give others...Doing the little things best. Sometimes I can be tactful and blunt straight forward but I try to be gracious and thoughtful... I like to travel. although I have not been many place I dream of going to Italy, London, Australia.. i would love to retire there. I like the beach, lake and pool... My one dream is to own a home but not sure if that will ever really happen. I live life to the fullest. making each day count...I try to do at least one good deed each day. I have never been unfaithful...and I have always stood by my mans side no matter what. but I will not tolerate infidelity...I don't believe it just happened...nothing doesn't just happen we allow it to happen...Well that is pretty much the bottom line...I grew up when men respected woman...and a woman loved one man and it should last a lifetime... even know some men messed around on their wives but they knew what they had at home and there home always came first. I don't ask for much...three simple rules don't lie to me...don't cheat on me and if you ever do pray to god you never get caught. and don't ever raise a hand to me...
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