Drunk animal party

Oct 16th 2016, 11:51 am
Posted by komai

The animals in Africa get drunk after eating a dozens of ripe Marula fruit that has fallen from the tree. Fruit-eating animal such as monkeys, elephants, giraffe, ostriches, wild boars and others sits together and enjoyed gorging on the fruits without hint of knowing what will happens later. After the fest, now it's turn to go back home. However, the effects of the Marula fruit has taken over and they were left drunks and scattering all over. They tried to walk but failed and keeps limping. (I can't stand how the elephant still tries to eat more even n that state. XD hilarious!) In the night, all of the drunken animals surrenders and decided to sleep on that same location. The next morning, they finally got back on their feet while having a bit of hungover from yesterday's fest.

animals(2), monkeys(1), elephants(1), girrafe(1), wild boars(1), ostrich(1)

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